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Judy Arnall, BA, DTM, Certified Canadian Family Life Educator

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Unschooling Canada Association

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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General, Education Professionals

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Explore the secret of engaged learning

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Unschooling is learner determined education.  Many people worry that freedom in curriculum, pace, and learning styles will hinder one's chances of attending post-secondary education in the future should they decide to attend.  With a background knowledge of child development, multiple intelligences, and temperament, Judy aims to educate the attendee on why unschooling is a critical alternative education for the digital generation. 

This presentation will include:

  • The future of education or what are we educating for?
  • Research
  • 7 Reasons why children need adults more than content
  • Unschooling explained
  • Differences between unschooling and school and homeschool
  • Common concerns addressed

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