The Starting to Homeschool Webinars—Free!

Sept. 14, 2020, marks the 35th anniversary of John Holt’s death and, as the pandemic makes conventional schooling occur in-person and remotely, we want to share these videos at no cost to you as a way to encourage you to enjoy living and learning with your children without turning your home into a miniature school. (You will need to sign up for the community, which is also free, if you want to comment or connect with others.)

Originally recorded in 2015, these webinars are particularly relevant today. You can remove your child from public or private school at any time and homeschool them, and your children can matriculate back to school if they need to. Homeschoolers have been doing so for decades. 

The pandemic does not change the need for you to register as a homeschooler and, in most states, provide an assessment of your homeschooling to the local or state education authority. These webinars cover this for you, including examples for reporting elementary and high school homeschooling, including creating a transcript for college admissions.

The rules, regulations, and techniques for homeschooling and unschooling in the videos are completely useful and relevant for today, though some of the references need to be updated. So many new books, materials, and websites about homeschooling have been produced in the past five years that it would be quite a task to redo the handouts. I, Pat Farenga, will be updating all these references for the new edition of Teach Your Own, to be published in the Fall of 2021.

These six, one-hour webinars describe how and why you can help your children learn at home, presented by Patrick Farenga. Farenga continues the work of teacher/author John Holt (How Children Learn, Learning All the Time) and is working on a new, third edition of Holt’s book Teach Your Own. These seminars provide you with practical advice and tips for working with, not on, your children to help them learn at home.

Best wishes,

Pat Farenga and Steve Hargadon



The Webinar Series includes:

  1. Why Homeschool?
  2. The Elementary School Years and Homeschooling Laws and Regulations
  3. What Do We Do Now That We’re Home?
  4. Addressing Challenges and Concerns
  5. Homeschooling Teenagers
  6. Year-Round Learning Opportunities

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