French frangrances.

France is kown for being a country that manufactures a lot of luxury products like Haute Couture clothes, handbags, shoes, and fragrances ! Many fragrance business are French, for example :


- Chanel : In 1921, Ernest Beaux designed the famous ' N° 5 '.

You probably know these latest fragrances too : Coco Mademoiselle, Chance, Bleu de Chanel, Allure Homme ..




- Christian Dior parfums  : Two of the Dior's fragrances are in the 10 best selling in the world : J'adore and Eau Sauvage. Some others fragrances well known : Miss Dior, Poison, Dolce Vita, Dior Homme, Fahrenheit ..




- Thierry Mugler : french fashion designer, he also went into the world of frangrances in 1992 with ' Angel '. I love this fragrance. He created ' A*men ' in 1996, 'Mugler Cologne ' in 2001, ' Alien ' in 2005 and ' Womanity ' in 2010, who is my favorite fragrance !




- Lolita Lempicka : from her real name Josiane Maryse Pidival, she created the famous fragrance ' Lolita Lempicka ' in 1997, ' Le L ' in 2006, ' Fleur défendue ' and ' Fleur de Corail ' in 2008 and ' Si Lolita ' in 2009.




- Yves-Saint-Laurent is know for having created many fragrances like : ' Elle ', ' La nuit de l'homme ' and ' Parisienne '.




- Perhaps you know some Cacharel's fragrances too, like ' Amor Amor ' and ' Scarlett '.




For the advertissements of their fragrances, these manufactures like have an egery. It's often an actress, a model or a singer, as Kate Moss and Vincent Cassel for YSL, or Nicole Kidman for Chanel.


And you, have you got one of these fragrance ? What do you think about it ? Do you knew these manufactures of fragrance ? Personally, right now I've got three of them : ' Poison ', ' Angel ' and ' Womanity '. I've got Aqua di Gioia too, but it's a Giorgio Armani's fragrance, it's not French but Italian.

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