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 Dr. Carlo Ricci


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Schulich School of Education, Graduate Studies, Nipissing University

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Toronto, Canada

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Parents, Children, Academics


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The Willed Curriculum: A Learner Centered Democratic Worldview


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Among the various curricula documented and written about are the recommended curriculum, the written curriculum, the taught curriculum, the supported curriculum, the assessed curriculum, the learned curriculum, and the hidden curriculum. I coined the term the willed curriculum to add to the literature around curriculum, and as a way to open up conversations around a learner centered democratic approach. I am hoping that this session will be interactive and that we can discuss with each other how we learn best. Of course, this may be different for each of us. As well, I am hoping that we can also discuss how we all learn in a willed way and more importantly, what it is we do when we self-direct our own learning. The goal is to problematize learning and to recognize that we may very well learn best when we are free and when we are empowered to take control of our own learning.


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  • I had coined the term Inner Curriculum a few years ago.  Would love to join your session.  I live in India, so I hope the timing will suit me.

    When I stopped going crazy with the 'externals' of my children, and being worried about learning about the external world, I began to 'see' more deeply the natural process that learning really is.  That is when I realized that each of us (learners/humans) have a unique combination of interests, talents, capabilities and passion which motivates or drives us.  When we are free to follow this without conditioning and distraction, then the inner and outer remain in sync.  Learning and living remain deeply connected.  Perhaps this is something like what you are talking about by Willed Curriculum?

    In addition, I realized that if all people were free to follow their Inner Curriculum, we would be more interdependent and co operative instead of competitive and overly dependent for our every need on a gigantic system that is not at all sustainable.

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