The social network

I am going to present you the social networks generally.

A social network is a set of social identities such as individuals or still organizations as companies, groups... who are connected beetween them by links created during the social interactions and thus division of the information in common .

There are several types of communities as :

-Facebook:  created in February 2004 where the head office is in California, there are more five hundred millions of persons subscribers ,is the biggest social network in the world .We can send messages , look pictures , write comments ...7159811697?profile=original


MySpace: created in August 2003 in The United-States, there are more two hundred millions of persons subscribers in 2008 . We can write comments , send messages, look pictures, create a BLOG ...7159812456?profile=original


-Twitter: created in 2006 where the head office is in San Francisco , in California as Facebook , there are more one hundred fifty millions of persons subscribers. We can send messages, write comments ...7159812261?profile=original


The social networks can be also as games : Haboo.7159812465?profile=original


They can be also an inbox : Google Buzz.7159812470?profile=original


They can be also to adress the professionals wishing to increase their opportunities of business: Viadeo.7159812270?profile=original

The others communities sites are:



-Yourbizproject ...


Thank you to having read my theme on the social network .


Goodbye !!!!:)





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