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After looking at a number of student pages, I felt most connected to the young woman by the name of Sierra Goldstein. This young woman left the traditional path of education and struck out on her own to follow what interested her. I realize that this young woman must have some special parents who allowed her to grow in a non-traditional way without fear of what others might think and say. Luckily, Sierra appears to be very self-motivated and independent. Having home educated our two children through the elementary years, I saw the value in following a different path in education. Seeing Sierra and many other other home educated children affirms that education can and should take a more individualized approach. Sierra became the youngest certified yoga instructor in America at age fourteen. She has follow her interests and sought out her own education according to her passions. She is poised and mature in many ways beyond a lot of adults I know. Check her out:

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  • HI LInda!

    Your post is similar to Dan Lemay's

    Learning by following a passion is truly amazing.

    It is true that you have learn so many different things in order to realize your passion and potnetial.

    Verena :)

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