Name and Title: Greg Sherman, Ph.D. Instructional Technology Faculty
Organization or School Name: Radford University
Area of the World from Which You Will Present: United States
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience(s): Homeschool Parents
Short Session Description: This session provides specific strategies (based on personal experience) for using technology to improve the homeschooling experience, especially for older children and their parents.
Full Session Description (as long as you would like): This session is facilitated by a teacher education faculty member and instructional technologist who helped homeschool his own three children from birth through the teen years. As computer-based technologies developed over the past 20 years, so did the myriad of options for educators hoping to use technology to improve their practices. Specific ways in which technology can (and perhaps should) be used to build community, define meaningful learning contexts, help manage the homeschooling process, and continue the "professional development" of parents as educators are presented.
Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: Many websites are used to provide examples throughout the presentation.

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