I found the assignment on the Ithaca webpage to be really interesting. I investigated the websites listed there for a little more challenge on a topic I wanted to learn more about.

  1. Cholesterol in Eggs is Dangerous
  2. The truth about eggs and cholesterol
  3. Eggs and Cholesterol
  4. Don't Be Chicken of the Egg
  5. Eggs Do Not Cause Bad Cholesterol

Part Two

Once you have looked at all the sites, go back and select two to evaluate more thoroughly.

To evaluate the two sites, please briefly but thoroughly address the questions after each point:

  • Make sure you are in the right place: Is this site a good source for the information you need? Was the page worth visiting?
  • When in doubt, doubt: Do you have good reason to believe that the information on the site is accurate? Are the facts documented?
  • Consider the source: Who are the authors and who is responsible for the site? What is their expertise? What is their bias?
  • Know what's happening: What is the site's purpose or point of view?
  • Distinguish Web pages from pages found on the Web: Was this page designed for the Web, or is it something else, such as a government document or a journal article?

Yes, it is difficult to be both thorough and brief at the same time, but please do your best.


The site listed as A. is from a point of view of a vegan. Vegans will naturally discourage the eating of any animal products, so the point of view could be slanted. However, this site does seem to site some credible studies in the information they have posted. They cite cardiologists and dieticians and reference them all. The link I investigated with WHOIS,, was found to have a warning as having an incomplete record. This sets up more red flags as to the validity of the information.


The most informative and objective site, in my opinion, is B. This site gives logical information about the method of preparation in conjunction with egg consumption is causing the cholesterol issue. This site is a legitimate site from the UK sponsored by the British Heart Association and updated in 2011.


Assignment at the bottom of this webpage:

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  • Great critical thinking, Linda.  I am glad you checked through a Whois site for further insight as to the authors of specific sites.  It's terrific to see you using the resources to challenge yourself.  Did you discuss your findings with anyone else (online or face-to-face)?  Did they agree or disagree with your findings?

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