Observing for Learning

Your Name and Title: Dr. Kathleen Forsythe PrincipalOrganization or School Name: SelfDesign Learning CommunityArea of the World from Which You Will Present: CanadaLanguage in Which You Will Present: EnglishTarget Audience(s): Parents Home EducatorsShort Session Description (one line): Observing for learning is a powerful concept that provides a framework for understanding how to nurture natural learning and conserve a child’s disposition for wonder. It is about the nature of the relationship between the child and the parent.Full Session Description (as long as you would like): In supporting our children we constantly observe them, make assessments and act on our inferences about what we think is transpiring in the inner world of the child. Are we aware of our observing for learning? How do we know what the child really wants to learn? or when the child is learning?To see a child as a unique person, we must observe who our child is, what our child loves doing, and not what we think he or she should be doing or what we want to see. It is only when we see our child as legitimate exactly as he or she is that a space for learning arises. This is love and it is the prerequisite for learning. “Love is the only emotion that expands intelligence” (Humberto Maturana).Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:http://k-9.selfdesign.org/about-natural-learning/observing-for-learning/

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