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Heather Martinson, Owner Celebration Education and

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California, USA

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Families interested in non-traditional education

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Exposing how tactics used in traditional classrooms can actually detract from learning.

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We will debunk the following myths:

  • A school's first concern is to the physical safety of the children
  • Children only learn when they are forced to
  • Only Linguistic and Mathematical intelligence matter
  • More time at a desk means more learning is happening
  • Passed tests is evidence that learning has happened
  • High standards means that all children will be smarter
  • More schooling means more success in life
  • Homework ensures that children will learn
  • Children can only learn from credentialed teachers
  • Learning is hard and boring work

Learn the truths that supersede these fallacies and what you can do to infuse your learning with more dynamic and meaningful experiences!

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