Life Skills Webinar

Life Skills

These skills are not taught in schools.You will deffinetly need them later in life. If your a Student who wants to learn these skills from experienced adults. Maybe your an adult and would like to polish up on these skills. Maybe your a parent and want to give your kids an edge while you are teaching them! 

These are vital skills that every person needs, once you have these down pat everything else is much easier. Sometimes in the fast pace world we live in we forget to work on them or forget we need to.

I think it would be ideal to have a live stream so people can ask questions or If the video is pre-recorded we could have a live commentary.

This is a brainstorm for topics we could cover! Please post below if you have more and I’ll add it to the list!
• Motivating your-self every day
• Organisational Skills (to do lists changed my life :p)
• Setting life goals
• Speed Reading
• Stepping out of your comfort zone (why we need to!)
• Communication skills
• Networking (Making friends)
• How to study smart
• Cooking?(maybe not do this a lot of material already out there)
• Diet/Exercise
• Car care
• Home Plumbing

I'm also thinking we could make a certificate for people to print afterwards. Maybe they can e-mail me a simple test and I send them the certificate for their resume.

What I want are people who can help! If you feel you could post a video of this nature or have any idea for other video’s get in contact! If you have any other skill to bring that could be useful to help organise let me know too!

For the students out there you may have an assessment item that we could use to contribute to this! I always find I’m more motivated when my assessments are used in real life!

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