• ok... here's my latest latest...

    maybe two groups we leave on the site:


    help -
    members are jackie, jenny and steve


    i don't know what to do -
    members are?
    with lists of:
    a) suggested sessions - the list of classes jenny has planned - you are right guys - most kids will want this
    b) suggested adults (and some young people) to follow in regard to each topic - this list - after everyone pitches in or redoes it all together
    c) suggested ideas - extra curricular activities, etc,...


    like i said - we're on break... but i've talked to some kids that are ready to get going next week.
    one girl wants to head up a group on how to prep for college - scholarships and apps. she and several other seniors want to alleviate stress of their underclassmen, and have planned to do something like it at our school. she's very excited to do it on a bigger scale. she said it will help more underclassmen and they will gain more insight from other seniors. cool.

    i also am working closely with a prof from csu, he is going to encourage his classes (pre teachers) to join and see what they think, how they might help, or be helped.
  • Are we looking for a particular demographic in our student?
    Are we imagining our students in a broad sense, or a narrow sense (boys and girls in grades 7-12)?
  • My latest thinking on this... just throwing it out there.

    I think we empty this place out.., like all our discussions, ... invite kids in.. maybe a few we know will lead at first - because the beginning will be tough, like an empty foreign house.
    Have them write their own welcome even?

    I think the only group we leave on here is a help group, possibly manned by Steve, Jenny and Jackie at first. I think it needs to be a small number of people, and ones that can commit to only helping and facilitating, not directing. Ones that will bite their tongue when they want to step in, and wait for the kids to ask for help.

    I think we leave a couple
    1) suggested plans for a session in May & the Tedxteen idea for summer
    2) links for ways to help them communicate and get things done, like elluminate, learning central, dabbleboard, etherpad,, etc. we should have a "translate this page" via google
    3) list of suggested topics that we would offer sessions to them for... but I think only as a suggestion. I think we let them come up with what they would like to learn, and possibly even teach each other. I know my kids have learned way more from each other, even if it's the same topic.. they just listen to each other better. [and just like teachers, i think the tech needs to come as a result of a need, i'd like them to come up with... how do you do this..first ]
    4) links of a few places they may want to check out... ie: Taking it Global, Ted and Tedxteen talks, BIF talk, Academic Earth, Brightstorm, Urgent Evoke, New School, etc. [ie: new school is set up with these links]

    I think we need to trust the kids here. It's hard, because we care for them, but I think, for this to work, they need to know it's theirs.

    The only thing I can't see yet - is the very beginning... those first few.. what will it feel like to them when no one else is here yet..
    And... who will have time... I hear you about a tight curriculum. The thing we're trying to change is holding us back.

    What do you think? ??? I could be completely wrong on all this.

    Gosh - I wish I was smarter..

    We're just finishing up break. I know next week I can have several on here.
  • How about a place where students could voice what they want to learn? A place to voice their interests.
  • Could Students 2.0 be a launching pad for student extracurricular activities. Would this be organized from a group called Student Extracurricular Activities. So, clubs like National Honor Society, Model United Nations, Odyssey of the Mind, FIRST Robotics, and DECA, could be organized this way?
  • Of course there is the novel/shortstory/literature discussion groups.
  • Could there be groups that support/inspire/display students' work...videos, audio files, photos, and text?
  • Students 2.0 will need a glossary of students 2.0 specific terminology. With students from around the world, a language of its own will be sure to develop.
  • Could there be a group designed for Languages Other Than English (LOTE) acquisition/practice. I realize that their is a chat room application for other Ning sites. I also understand that several languages are supported by Ning.
  • Hi--just jumping in to the mix here in response to my invite from Jenny. I am compelled by the notion of having students lead within this space, specifically around the things they are most passionate about. While I'm happy to start or moderate a group, for instance, in my own work on the ground, I spend a good portion of time working with students who are eager to be teachers of writing inside and beyond schools. This space could provide people like them a phenomenal opportunity to work with a more global group and develop leadership and teaching skills at the same time....around something they love and that matters to them.
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