Presenter: Zahra Lightway M.Ed  Founder: Light Way Schools 

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Language: English

Target Audience(s): Homeschool parents and parents thinking about homeschooling

Short Description:  How To Use Alternative Educational Principles To Create A Homeschooling Program

Full Session Description:  “Traditional education done at home” works for many, but not for all.  If you are a parent who wants “something” more for your children, this session will teach you the core principles of progressive/alternative education and get you on track for creating a program using these principles.  So if the terms ‘nature-based”, “wisdom guided”, “deep learning” and “social justice” have you saying “Yes, yes, yes!” you will benefit from this session.

You may also be interested in signing up the for three week MINI course on our website.  It’s complimentary. 

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