The aim of this discussion is to position ourselves in such a way as to enable our making the changes we think are needed in education. We will be thinking about our mental model and how we frame our thinking; so we can ongoingly evolve the educating processes in our schools—each minute, gradually evolving the order and organization of the energies that are education.  The beginning discussion is about building a field in which the kind of education needed by the Earth, society and individuals can take place.  By position I mean a mental, emotional and physical position.  Think of an archer out on an archery range getting ready to shoot her arrow at a target.  Not only does she need to align her body and arrow with the target, but she also must align her idea of a perfect shot with the current morphology[1] of her body.

This discussion is about the archer, a source for evolution, not the target, it is about getting into a position to evolve—should we want to evolve—not what the evolution should be.  What the changes are is the work of the community, students and teachers because they are the only one who know in a real[2] sense, not a abstract[3] sense.

Attached are three frameworks[4].  They are the (1) generic elements of the field of education; (2) generic elements of the activity of educating; (3) generic elements of field and educating superimposed atop each other to see the relatedness.

We will start the discussion with looking at the field of education.  Open the first attachment.  There are questions on this page meant to open the discussion and gain some understanding around the field of education. We will have a dialogue around each of the elements.  Time permitting we can cover all three attachments.

I am using language differently than traditional educationese to try to bring new thoughts into our minds.  I have included dictionary definitions to keep us on track.

Please join in this discussion.

[1] Morphology:  The form and structure of an organism or one of its parts

[2] Real:  Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verifiable existence. American Heritage Dictionary

[3] Abstract:  Considered apart from concrete existence, theoretical. American Heritage Dictionary

[4] Framework: A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed. An external work platform; a scaffold. A fundamental structure, as for a written work or a system of ideas.

Field of Education.doc

Activity of Educating.docx

Education Completeness.doc

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