Your Name and Title: Urmila Samson

Organization or School Name: Swashikshan - Association of Indian Homeschoolers.

Co-Presenter Name(s): None.

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Pune, India.

Language in Which You Will Present: English.

Target Audience(s): People interested in integration of learning, personal change and world change.

Short Session Description (one line): I will read my paper and throw it open for discussion.

Full Session Description (as long as you wish): 

This paper is not a product of academic research, but a combination of learning from a deep engagement with life and personal experiences.  Some words, for example, ‘ego’, ‘self esteem’ and ‘tribals’ are used loosely without any attempt to define them objectively.  I have attempted to make my subjective meaning clear through the context within which these words appear.  I like to call myself a Whole Being Learner, which means that mind learning is integrated with sensory and practical experiences (and possibly more parts of the being that I am not yet aware of!)  It’s not like I am a learned being who is telling everyone what’s right and what’s not.  My learning is all jumbled inside me, and when I write or speak or share, it is my attempt at getting small patches of my learning un entangled sufficiently enough to help my own learning, (and anyone else who is interested), progress  towards the next small patch of clarity. 

The paper makes an assumption that today’s structures and systems are the cause of fragmentation within and disconnection without.  It encourages us to support and love each other in at least one primary relationship, and also in localized groups.  To begin, we can practice being non judgmental and critical.  The assumption is that these close connections will heal the self and mother earth, as our outer world is but a reflection of our inner environment.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

KB Jinan on how we make sense of the world:

Learning Societies unConference:

Resurgence Magazine:

Swaraj University:

From the Heart of the World (documentary):

Healing Relationships, Healing Mother Earth..docx

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