Definitions of Education?

Interested in hearing from others how hey define the process of education these days. I know that it is an elementary topic, but I am aware that so much has changed contextually from the good old days of Lib Ed.

How, for example, are definitions (and practices) of education attuned to the evolving needs of each 'world' culture in terms of self actualisation as well as in the growing need for coherent relationship?

How local is local when it comes to educational practice and what imperatives exist to find commonality across pedagogy and practice within any governance structure?

What might be defined now as liberatory educational pedagogy? Need there be such coherence? Are we free to evolve according to the changing needs for learning which are presented by the cultures we inhabit?

Oh yes, there are more questions than answers!

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  • Education:  Fostering competence in all domains of development through all that pertains to teaching and learning.

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