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Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik -  Learning Theorist, Home Educator and Instructional Development Consultant

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British Columbia Institute of Technology

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Vancouver BC (Pacific Time)

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Anyone who is interested in exploring the importance of creating significant learning environments.

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Creating significant learning environments to inspire, foster and facilitate deeper learning.

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We design information systems, smart buildings, ecological friendly communities, learning spaces and so many aspect of our society but we unfortunately do not apply this holistic approach to designing learning environments. Apple has always designed excellent hardware but with their iPhone, iPad and the whole IOS ecosystem they gone a step further and have designed a mobile communication or networking environment that just works.  If we apply a similar purposeful design to our children's learning environments we also can create a significant learning environment that just works. Whether we are purposeful in its design or we just allow the circumstances to dictate its development, home educators are providing learning environments for their children. Rather than allow the environment to come together on its own and respond reactively to the learning dynamics that arise I suggest that home educators become proactive and create significant learning environments. In this session we will explore how to start with a student centred approach and purposefully assemble all the key components of effective learning into a significant learning environment that will help our children to learn how to learn and grow into the people we all hope they will become. 

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Significant Learning Environments

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